Ella's Sense of Humor

A little muffin to celebrate being 15 months old (it had a candle in it before I took this picture).
 Giggling madly at her best friends.
Someone must have told a very funny joke.
Probably Ella.

It seems like the older this girl gets the more I can see her huge personality and the more hilarious she gets.
Ella has such a funny sense of humor.
I mean really.
She knows what to do to make me laugh.
One of my absolute favorite things is when I'll be carrying her on my hip and hurrying around the house getting things done and Ella will suddenly lean forward and tilt her head so that she is looking right into my face and she will put on this crazy grin and usually make some sort of noise to catch my attention and it forces me to stop and look at her with her goofy grin on and we both bust up laughing.
I love it so much!
And then I make a point of looking away so that she will do it again and then again.
And we laugh so hard every time.

And there are so many other times throughout the day when Ella and I just look at each other and start laughing, she totally gets the basics of social interaction and how you can make things funny and laugh at each other and I love it!
Plus she's always giggling when she has little conversations with herself which is hilarious to watch.

And she's been talking up a storm into her fake phone.
She seems to have a lot of people she needs to call and talk to.
Which totally baffles me.
Because we don't get very good phone reception where we live so Adam and I rarely talk on the phone when she is awake.
I'm sure she's seen us on the phone but I'm also sure that she hasn't seen us on it that often so how did the idea of talking on the phone get so engrained into that little brain of hers?
I don't know, but it's so fun to see her mind develop and learn things and to know that we helped her learn those things.


  1. I love your blog Annie- it makes me smile EVERY TIME! I wish we were neighbors again because that would be truly awesome, we miss you guys. And Miss Ella is just so sweet! I adore your stories about her. P.S. I also just wanted to let you know that I feed Nigel every time I visit your blog. Ha ha ha.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! I wish we were neighbors so badly too! And then Samuel and Lily and Ella could be best friends and it would be so wonderful! And I LOVE that you feed Nigel every time! That just makes me so happy! I miss you guys!