What's That?

A Little 14 Month Old Life

Clip One
 Right at the very beginning she screeches and then quietly tells herself, "no."
She does this all the time.
In stores, at the library, at home, she screams really loud and then softly tells herself "no" because she knows that I'm going to tell her that.
I think it's so funny!
If only she would obey to herself.
And then she says "bah-mmm" (balloon) because there is one behind me.
And then she starts to repeatedly ask me, "what's that?"
And then she jabbers away like she always is.

Clip Two
Ella thinks she is the funniest person she has ever met.
She loves laughing and smiling at herself in the mirror (or in the reflective oven door in this case)
I would say she's vain except I don't know if it's possible for a 14 month old to be vain, she's just loves interacting with herself.

Clip Three
Dada comes home and she loves that guy to pieces.

Clip Four
Worst filmography ever, I am so sorry.
We were having a little dance party and I was dancing while I filmed it, terrible idea.
I love how she dances by walking around in circles.

Clip Five
I can't remember where I was but I know that Adam was watching Ella.
Ella is naked, ESPN is on, classic.
She just loves that Gerard and Bear a lot.

Clip Six
How she's been walking around the house lately, with her favorite treasures in her arms and her balloon wrapped around her body so that it can go wherever she goes.

Clip Seven
Adam throwing clean laundry at Ella and how much she loves it, which is kind of crazy but adorable.


  1. Loved this whole video, but especially her hysterical laughter with the laundry!!

  2. Annie- I may be biased but this movie is HILARIOUS- I love it so much. Definitely could even be America's funniest home videos material haha! Your blog posts put me in such a happy mood :)

    1. That makes me SO HAPPY that you love that video so much! I'm so glad you told me! Sometimes I wonder if what she is doing is as cute as we think it is or if we only think it's cute because we're her parents, so it's nice to know when other people can confirm that it's cute and funny! Thanks so much, Ellen!