Just Another Post About Coldstone and That Cute-Faced Boy

If you know us well, or have followed my blog for long, you know that we are kind of madly in love with Coldstone.
Coldstone was one of the only desserts that my tummy would allow me to have when I was pregnant with Ella, so I had them pretty much all the time (up to twice in one day).
Adam always gets either a fruity flavor with fruit mixed in, or mint and chocolate.
I get a milkshake, usually the cake batter with cake pieces mixed in.
Once they ran out of yellow cake pieces so they put red velvet into my milkshake instead and it was to die for!
But I haven't been able to convince them to do that for me again, which is very sad.
I know that Ella is bound to have a crazy sweet tooth one day (because she comes from a long line of crazy sweet toothed people) so I kind of limit how much dessert I give her, just because right now I have control over what she eats and one day I won't and right now she isn't begging for sweets all day and one day she will so I might as well take advantage of her not knowing much about desserts and feed her mostly healthy foods.
That girl eats fruit like candy because she doesn't really know what candy is, she's only had it a few times.
So when we go to Coldstone and give her tastes of our ice cream, she goes crazy with happiness.
She loves that stuff.
Probably because she is half made of ice cream since ice cream was half my pregnancy diet.
She likes when we dip one of the tiny taster spoons in our ice cream and then hand it to her and she licks it for like 5 minutes because she can't quite figure out how to get stuff off of spoons yet so it takes her forever.
She also loves that Dada of hers as is clearly evident in the pictures, just look at that cheese grinner!

Today is Adam's birthday and I knew I loved that cute-faced boy before we had Ella but now that we have Ella I am just that much more crazy about him because you can see how incredible of a dad he is to that wonky-toothed girl.
He somehow manages to be a good dad, a good employee, and a good husband every single day and I don't know how he does it, but I am so grateful!

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  1. I learned that red velet is just chocolate cake with red coloring in it- look it up.