Gerard and something about cereal and salsa dancing and water aerobics of amazingness

It's funny how this little stuffed animal can play such a special role in your life when you have a little girl who considers him her best friend.
When she loves him that much, we can't help but love him too because he brings so much comfort and security in her life, especially when she's in bed and needs something to comfort her when she falls asleep, he's the one that's there, not me or Adam.
She is always smacking kisses on Gerard's face, which makes me happy because it means that she associates kisses with love and she knows that when we are covering her face in kisses it's because we love her like she loves Gerard.
And I love that she calls him "Baby."
We never called him baby, so how did she make that connection that he is her baby?
Smart girl.
Ella's latest thing is that she has got great salsa moves.
We were in the grocery store the other day and she heard some music being played on the speakers and she went salsa dancing all down the aisle.
She shuffles her feet really fast and twists her bum back and forth and turns in circles all at the same time.
It's amazing.
I will try and record it.

Yesterday I ate approximately 10 bowls of cereal (not full bowls, but you know, maybe like 1/3 full bowls) because my latest craving is cereal. 
Unfortunately, I just finished the last box of cereal that I actually like so I'm either going to have to find a new craving or go grocery shopping.
I stocked up on cereal like just three days ago.
For some reason, cinnamon chex is really hitting the spot.
And granola.

On Tuesday night our weekly girls activity group was invited to a free water aerobics class and it was one of the best things I have ever done for my body.
I mean, seriously.
I've been having major pregnancy back pains, to the point where I honestly am doubled over in pain by the end of the day, limping and every single movement I make feels awful.
I was thinking that I would need to go to the chiropractor but the chiropractor only makes you temporarily feel better, he doesn't really fix the source of the problem.
I had been trying to take long walks to strengthen my back muscles and solve the problem myself but walking was just straining my back more because I have to push Ella's stroller and we tend to walk uphill, so it wasn't fixing anything.
So then I went to this water aerobics physical therapy class and it was so much fun and so relaxing.
I have a zero tolerance workout policy.
I really dislike working out, I hate that feeling of forcing your body to endure pain.
I know it's good for you and comes easier after time but it's just not my thing.
So when I say that this water aerobics workout was awesome, I absolutely mean it.
Without gravity, working out is so peaceful and wonderful and yet you are still strengthening muscles and getting your heart rate up.
Best thing ever.
And the next day I felt amazing!
My back felt so much stronger but it wasn't in pain and I could feel that my muscles had been worked but they weren't painfully sore.
And my posture was kind of fabulous.
Now I feel like I need to tell every single person I know who is pregnant that they should do this water aerobics thing because it is awesome.

The End.


  1. Kids are so sweet and cute with their "first friends"... may I make a suggestion, since you are some to have another little one and since they are going to be close in age... well, things have a tendency to get a bit busy, rushed, o.k. it can get stressful at times with 2 under 2. You might want to purchase another copy of your daughters "friend". Kids do get "attached" and sometimes have issues with no longer getting all the attention. If in the comings/goings of life..
    her friend gets "lost", it can be really hard on everyone! Maybe buy a copy and then wash them together and trade off once in a while... it can be a help. In the long run. Just a thought.

    1. I am so glad you said that! I had thought about doing that before, but when I've gone to the store where Ella's grandma bought him they didn't have in any stock. But after reading your message I decided that I should probably check online to see if there are any to be found and I found another Gerard and we will definitely be ordering him. Thank you for saying that so that I could remember to do it before we tragically lost him and had no replacement.

    2. Your welcome! Glad to be of help!