Triangle potato stamp pants

I've kind of been wanting a pair of leggings for Little Girl that have a pattern on them so I grabbed a pair of leggings that she rarely wears, carved a triangle into a potato and stamped her little leggings with fabric paint, kind of with a Bobo Choses pattern in mind (but a whole lot cheaper than an actual pair of Bobo Choses pants).
I decided to just stamp the front and leave the back blank.

Also, Little Girl got another mullet trim recently, into a little A-line haircut that I'm kind of in love with.
So when you pair the pants with the A-line, it looks like this:

And then she wore those pants and that A-line haircut to the animal shelter in town so that we could see the dogs.
She loved those dogs to death!
We took her into the cat room and she took one glance at the cats and turned right around to play with the cat toys and the cat food instead of those cats.
She had no interest in them whatsoever.
Adam, who believes that when you see a cat in the road you should speed up to run it over (he would never do that, at least I hope not, but he says that he would do that because he really dislikes cats) was happy as can be to see that his daughter had an obvious preference for the dogs over the cats.

The first thing Ella said to me when I got her out of bed the other morning was 'baddabah" (basketball).
Ella went to Adam's basketball game the night before and I guess it made quite an impact because she was thinking about it all night.
She sat on my lap, absolutely enthralled with the game.
This girl does not sit still for anything, except for basketball, apparently.

I said the word "scream" the other day and she immediately said, "No no no."
I had to laugh.
She knows what the word "scream" means!

And she toddles around with a bag of crackers in her hands and just eats them one after one as she walks around.
She also has secret cupboards that she likes to hide crackers in.
This morning, Adam found a bottle of maple syrup in a random bathroom cupboard, which Ella must have stashed there.

We have been singing "ABC" lately and now Ella goes around the house saying "Ahh Bee. Ahh Bee." (A. B.) 
And then she says a whole bunch of other letters that don't sound anything like real letters in the alphabet but she sure is trying! 
And her little high pitched, soft singing voice is the sweetest!


  1. She is so darn sweet! And I LOVE her haircut!

  2. She is so cute!!! Those pants turned out amazing and the haircut is adorable.