I'm trying to keep up with the drool-faced penguin-waddle child who is attempting to redecorate the entire house

Blogging has been slowing down because I have a mountain of art projects that I'm in the middle of right now and because I'm trying to keep up with this drool-faced girl: 
She has this little waddle that looks like a penguin and it is kind of ridiculously adorable. 
Recently I got her a helium balloon from the dollar tree (which is one of her top 3 favorite toys right now, right after Gerard) and she just waddles from room to room with her balloon in hand.
Did you die of the adorableness of that image?
Because if you didn't then you didn't imagine it right. 
 I love that she has a long string of drool hanging from her mouth as she plays with the ice cubes in the bowl.
I've been trying to find good activities for 14 month olds, but it's tricky.
The ice cubes in the bowl one only entertained her for like 3 minutes and she just ate the ice cubes the whole time.
 Ella is absolutely convinced that the house needs to be redecorated and she is the one to do it.
She spends her entire day going around the house making the adjustments that she thinks it needs, including this lovely garbage bag kitchen display.
If you like her work, feel free to call her up and she would be more than happy to come redecorate your home for the low cost of a box of cheerios.
Her latest words are "There you go" (which sounds more like "air-go") and "Thank you" which sounds like "Taka."
So basically they sound nothing like the real thing, but hey, she says them at the right times so she knows what they mean!
Oh and "baby" but she doesn't seem to know what that means.
She occasionally talks in a way that I think is in imitation of someone, maybe me, where she says a sentence and then pauses and says "ahhhh" and then continues the sentence and then pauses again to say, "uhhhh."
So it sounds like this, "Jebikatoon. Ahhhhhh. Lotorotooo. Ahhhhhh. Babintoonskin. Ahhhh. Oogs. Ahhhh. Corbschinkin."
Speaking of babies, she really loves them.
A lot.
She likes to do this kind of tickling thing and get right up to their face and talk all high pitched to them.
That's her cousin, Crosby, and she loves that baby boy!
 The child who has to have veggies disguised in her meals to ever eat them had steamed broccoli this week. 
I fully expected her to fling every piece off her high chair after one taste but instead she made us question whether or not she really was our genetic off-spring by shoveling the broccoli in her mouth as fast as possible. 
Adam and I happily dumped our entire servings of broccoli onto her tray for her to eat so that we wouldn't have to, and she finished it all off without a problem.
I can't figure out if she was just really hungry or if she actually really loves broccoli that much.
She has a cousin who is also in love with broccoli, but I mean, really, how did our daughter end up that way?
We're talking about a girl whose mother only eats dinner so that she can get to dessert, the real and most important meal of the day.

 Gerard is seriously this girl's best friend.
She loves that little stuffed animal like she loves no one else.
She talks in a high pitched voice to him and giggles at him and hugs him all time.
As soon as she is put in bed she feels around to find him and hold him up to her face while she sucks her thumb.
 This girl rarely falls asleep in the car.
She is very strict about where she falls asleep, but that is okay with me because as long as she is in her bed she still sleeps from 7pm-10am each night (that is 15 hours straight!) and has 1-2 naps during the day, so I'm kind of the luckiest mom in the world right now to have a baby that sleeps that well.
And when Ella is asleep I work on stuff like this for Laura Nash, who I work for, or for whoever else I'm doing an art project for.

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