Getting into Trouble

Oh if I could just capture every moment of mischief this girl gets into each day.
But usually I don't have time to take a picture before she gets hurt or causes harm to whatever she is getting into.
And the thing is, she's not trying to cause mischief, she's exploring her world, figuring out all that it is capable of and it's so fun to watch her!
At least that's what I told Adam when he asked me why I had allowed her to throw around the contents of a bag of cotton balls all over the bathroom floor.
One of my favorite moments of this past week was while I was cleaning up after Ella's breakfast and Ella was playing with her toys in the living room and I hear her exclaim, "No no no!" 
And I turn around to find her holding the remote control up in the air for me to see.
Yeah, the remote control is a no no no.
She giggled so hard as I came towards her, trying to figure out what to do with the remote so that I wouldn't take it away from her.
I kind of love that she announces when she's getting into trouble by saying "no no no."
She probably thinks that that's what a remote control is called.
And the toilet and my cell phone and mysterious small objects she finds on the floor and wants to stick in her mouth, they are all called "no no no."

The toilet paper has been a recent favorite, for me as well as for her because when she plays with it, that gives me like 12 minutes of time to wash my face, get dressed and brush my teeth while she waddles around with the master wad of toilet paper in hand and tears small pieces to leave a trail behind herself. 
 You can just go ahead and judge me for that laundry mess on the floor, with Ella leaving multiple messes like this on the floor each day and pulling out every single thing that I've put away that day, it's considered a success to just have the house look the same as it did that morning and no worse.
 I found Ella waddling around with these two things in hand and I died laughing.

 Before I knew it, she had figured out how to turn that bag of chocolate chips upside-down and helped herself to a rather delightful semi-sweet treat.
 She was rather pleased with herself.
But then she became very distraught when she realized that I was picking up some of her treats and throwing them into the trash.
But it didn't take her long to find another treat to help herself to
Pretty sure she would live in the fridge if I let her because she loves that thing.
As soon as she sees the fridge door opening she races toward it as quickly as possible and tries to pull out everything.


  1. This is fabulous! How wonderful that you captured all of these little mischievous moments. I can't even imagine how busy she must keep you!

  2. This is really funny, she is so cute! Haha, you are so patient, I can just see you following her around the house letting her explore anything and everything. She's getting so big! Love it! :) Miss you guys!

  3. She is so cute, how can anyone possibly be angry at that little face?