She just walks around with all of her favorite toys in her hands

Let's talk about how many times Ella redecorates the pantry each day and how many times I repair it.
She especially loves clearing out the cracker shelf and helping herself to a buffet of different kinds of crackers.
Also, I really love how she gathers things in her arms and then walks around with them.
I finally handed her a bucket so that she could put all of her prized possessions in there and carry it around by the handle all over the house.
Her favorite thing to keep in the bucket are packets of unpopped popcorn that she recently discovered in the pantry.
And I love how much she loves that balloon!

This blog post had me laughing so hard.
Amen to the last one especially. 
You don't even know how amazing Adam and I are for making it through 3 hours of church each Sunday with a toddler as crazy active as Ella.
Transfer the mess in that third picture above to a pew at church and that's us!

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  1. I'm glad she's so helpful in the kitchen. I loved that blog post link. So funny