Polka Dot Swimsuit Baby

 We went swimming on the polka-dot girl's birthday because that girl loves splashing in water.
She hated the water slides but she loved crawling around in the shallow water.
Adam's brother, Ethan, went with us.
He's living here right now and we love it!
He's funny and always so happy and willing to play sports with Adam (which Adam loves) and Ella thinks he is pretty wonderful, as you can see...

And as a bonus he takes pictures of us at times when I forget to take pictures like when we went out to dinner at this really cute and to-die-for yummy place to celebrate a really awesome promotion that Adam just got at work.

I am so proud of that cute-face husband of mine for working so hard!
He wakes up just before 6am each morning so that he can be to work by 7.
Usually I am so unconscious at that hour I don't even hear his alarm ring, but he faithfully gets up every morning at that hour no matter how late he was up in the evening doing homework.
And then he comes home after an 8-hour work day and plays with Ella until he has her in fits of giggles and he helps me with dinner and does the dishes and goes to class and plays some sports and still finds a way to spend time with me and listen to me moan about how I just don't have enough time to get everything done that I need to...ha!
That boy is amazing!
I'm not sure how I got him, but I'm glad I did!

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