The Past 12 Months with the Baby of Cuteness

That first picture starts with Ella at one week old and then after that there is one picture for every month.
I love how you can see her gradually becoming more interactive.
It starts off with her slowly becoming more aware of the world and her environment and then she's waving at the ceiling and soon smiling at the camera and then staring out the window and then trying to escape the chair.
This last big picture is her at 12 months.
She was kind of upset with me for making her sit still so there was no chance that she was going to smile.
It's funny because when I place her on that chair it's like she knows that she's supposed to stay there and even though she is fully capable of crawling off it she'll stay on the chair and just throw a fit to let me know that she's mad that I'm making her be still but she doesn't try to get off.
After about two minutes she'll finally realize that no one is actually physically holding her down and then she'll crawl away with a mischievous grin on her face.

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