This hot air balloon cardigan that my mom made me wear

Hey Guys!
It's been a while since I've blogged.

I've been busy trying to secretly confiscate my mom's phone, camera, and laptop and I've also been trying to redecorate this place by hiding all my toys in secret places, flinging my food on the walls and throwing plastic bags all over the place, so as you can see I've had very little spare time.

It's really a wonder that I even had time to stop and pose for these pictures, but I try to do little favors for my momma since she tries so hard to make my oatmeal just right every morning.

The reason my momma is taking these pictures is because she just decorated this cardigan for me.
Do you like it?

Me too!

She just sewed this hot air balloon on it and some green buttons and a collar.

And she put these shoes on me that she really likes, but she pretty much just puts them on my feet for pictures because it's not like I can walk yet.

Yeah, yeah. 
I know. 
I'm one year old now and I can't walk.
It's embarrassing.
All my friends my age can walk. 

And my mom says, "I can't put any pants on you because you'll just ruin them with how much you crawl around so you better start walking before it gets too cold so that you can wear pants."

Can you believe that?
She cares more about my pants than she does about me!

Maybe I don't want to walk!
I want to crawl forever!

That sounds good to me!
And then I can just crawl around nakey because nakey is the best!

Alright, that's all.
I'm heading off to go secretly eat some leftover Halloween candy that I hid.

Love, Ella


  1. Haha, love love love this! Oh Ella, I love your cardigan. Did you thank your mommy for making it all cute for you? By the way, I've tried crawling around instead of walking, and your neck gets kinda tired of trying to look up at everybody, so you stop looking up, so your head can rest, but then the floor gets kinda boring to look at. I highly recommend walking. Besides, walking (and then running) means you can get away from your mommy faster with that piece of candy. Pretty soon she'll get tired of chasing you, and you'll be able to eat that candy. Oh and did I mention puddles? Jumping in puddles are so much fun! You'll love it. Trust me.

    1. I love your response, Karen! That's a good point, once she can walk she'll be able to escape so much more quickly, I hadn't thought of that!

  2. HAHAHA! I love these dialogues!! Good job on the adorable hot air balloon sweater!