My Mom Lets Me Drive the Car

Well guys, I have decided that I have officially graduated from a baby to a toddler.
This is evidenced by the fact that my mom dressed me in pants today instead of shorts and I can say the word "ball" and I carry a ball around with me at all times so that I can hold it up and say "ball" to every single person that walks by (although I threw it at a trash can when we were in the parking lot so now I don't have it anymore because my mom didn't want to get it).
AND as you may have noticed, I am driving a car.
With two steering wheels.

So this definitely means that I am grown up.
Usually I have to sit in the basket in the front of the grocery cart where my mom can hold down my legs so I won't wiggle out.
But this time I got to ride in the car.
But my mom says she won't let me do it again until I am older because I was a little bit crazy in the car.

I stood up backwards in the car.
And I took off my shoe and threw it out of the car for my mom to have to go searching for later.
And I kept turning around and yelling at my mom what she should buy, "I want the strawberry ice cream and the cake flavored pop tarts with the sprinkles that uncle Ethan let me taste."
She said "Um, no."
And I yelled at passers-by, "Hey! Stay in your own lane! Hurry it along, people! Don't you dare take that last box of oatmeal! It is MINE!"
And good thing this car has a bottom, otherwise I would have fallen through lots of times.
 And then when my mom got me out at the end she realized that the car had seat belts and she said that we are using them next time.

Love, Ella

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  1. Love love love your posts Ella They make my day. By the way, I love your outfit. Tell your Mom she is awesome. Oh and maybe next time, before you throw your shoe out, look at your Mom - does she look frazzled? In a hurry? If she does, cut her some slack, ad keep your shoe inside the car. If she looks a little too relaxed and having fun, then by all means, launch it as far as you can- and don't tell her it's gone until you leave the store.