Balls, Christmas time, checking the mail and a few first wobbly steps

We spent Thanksgiving with Adam's family and it was wonderful and delicious!
It included...
Checking the mail in style.

Traipsing Target (multiple times, as you may have noticed by the fact that this little girl is wearing two different outfits in these pictures which means we went there at least twice in one weekend but we kind of love Target) and lots of other stores and finding some perfect Christmas gifts for hard-to-shop-for people.
I love that feeling of finding a good gift for someone that you had no idea what to get for them, I love the anticipation of them opening it and seeing what their reaction is.
 And now with Ella, I am dying for Christmas day to see what she will think of her gifts, I am so tempted to pull them out early but I'm resisting as hard as I can!
But in the end it's the wrapping paper and boxes she's going to like the most anyway.
Saying "bah" (ball) repeatedly.
That is most definitely Ella's favorite word right now, she says "bah" when she sees anything that even slightly looks like a ball and she can be content for so long by just having a ball in her hand, although once she realizes that it can bounce it turns into a game where you are chasing balls down aisles and she is laughing.
And she barks like a dog whenever she sees anything that even slightly resembles a dog (like stuffed animals).

 Taking baths to scrub off grime that Ella collects everyday off the floor and throwing clothes out of baskets and drawers (which I actually totally encourage her to do because there are very few organizational activities that she will take the time to sit still and do and this is one that she will do, so I keep throwing all sorts of stuff into that bottom drawer for her to keep pulling out for as long as possible).
The weekend also involved putting up the Christmas tree (Ella was an excellent help, as I'm sure you can imagine).
 And I just think that car/truck/train sweater is so awesome!

And, of course, I managed to get zero pictures from Thanksgiving day with all it's endless dishes of yumminess, but I do have a picture of us eating out several days after Thanksgiving when we decided that we had had our fill of turkey.
And I don't have any pictures but Ella took her first couple of wobbly steps, thanks to the persuasion of her Grammy and Aunt Maddy-- it was so exciting!
But she kind of seems to hate walking, even though I'm pretty sure she'd be a walking champ if she wanted to be, because we kind of have to trick her into walking.
If she knows what we are up to she pulls up her knees and refuses to put her feet on the ground.
Oh well, she'll do it when she's ready.
And in the meantime she'll just have really cold legs since I keep putting her in shorts to avoid her rubbing holes in her pants (although it's really not very cold here yet so it's okay).

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