We go on walks

Now that it's finally cooled down enough to not shrivel up and die every time you walk outside, Ella and I have been going on walks in the morning and we love it!
I grab a fruit smoothie and Ella grabs her bottle and we head out and Ella yells at the cars passing by and barks at the dumb dog across the street that is always yapping his head off and charms every single jogger that passes us with her smile.
Every once in a while, Ella glances back at me to make sure that she hasn't been kidnapped by someone who is not her momma and when she sees it's me she gives me the biggest cheeser grin and it melts my heart because it means she's happy that she's with me.
I love knowing that I have special place in her little world, that she needs me and feels safe when I am near by, it makes it all so worth it!
Sometimes Adam and I will hold her and have a family kiss, where we try to kiss her and each other all at the same time and Ella laughs so hard, she loves it, she loves that we both have our arms around her and each other and how we just grin at her like crazy and smother her in love and attention.
It's like she loves being part of our family and that makes me so happy because I love our family too! 


  1. She is cuter than a Baby Gap model!!!

    1. I love this comment! Thanks so much, Camille, you're so nice!

  2. Oh she is so dang cute! I love reading how happy your little family is =)