What Ella's knees look like at the end of church and some other scenes from the past few days

This is how Ella's legs look after church each week.
That is from her crawling all over the church building for three hours.
And then add some graham cracker crumbs to her chin and the picture is complete.

Sometimes I forget how funny Ella is until we are at church and I see her do her usual crazy antics 
(like spinning around in endless circles on the floor and shaking her bum and kicking her legs to the music and the way she bear-crawls when she has a dress on because she gets all tangled in her dress when she crawls normally, and her other noises and expressions and cheese grins) and I realize how much everyone around us is laughing.
Sometimes Ella crawls off and I can't see her but I can tell where she is in the aisle by watching the peoples backs and seeing who is laughing, if they're laughing then Ella is right in front of them doing something crazy.

When we go to the library, this little one likes to pull movies down and bang them against the metal shelves.

I came into the kitchen the other morning and found this scene:

And we carved pumpkins with some friends this weekend and caught this little clip, but of course, once you turn on the camera they don't laugh as hard as they did before you turned it on, but it still cracks me up.
And then it all comes to an abrupt end when Ella realizes that she has some keys in her hand.


  1. HAHAHA!! Oh my goodness! I can't get over her knees and legs! That is TOO FUNNY! She is adorable Annie! Ella and Michelle need to meet each other.

  2. Hahaha love the dirty legs! And I love her laugh! So funny.