Pig-tails at last!

We are proud to announce that Ella can now do the pig-tail thing.
This is a wonderful and happy accomplishment.
None of the hair at the top or sides of her head can reach the pig-tails, but the cute mullet in the back is the perfect length to be pulled up into rubber bands.
 I just can't decide if I should trim the back of her hair so that the sides can grow out to the same length as the back so that she won't have a mullet, or if I should leave the mullet for purposes of pulling up into pig-tails.
I didn't used to have to wonder about things like that when she had hair like this:

Ella and I have ladies/kids play group each week and this week we had a picnic in the park.
Ella was more than twice the age of any other baby there and seeing all those cute babies makes me realize how much she's grown up.
All the other babies happily laid next to their moms on the blankets, just looking around with big curious eyes and Ella was off crawling all over the playground and finding opened mayo packets on the playground to suck on and already chewed-on apple slices to stick in her mouth.
I was talking to another lady and happened to glance down and find Ella with an entire half slice of pumpkin pie stuffed in her mouth that she had found on my plate and her other hand was reaching for my roll.
By the end of the picnic, Ella was covered in dirt and mayo and pie and all the other kids were covered in spit-up at the worst and I realized that we most definitely have entered the making-messes-like-crazy phase of life.
It should be fun!

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