From the weekend

We went to a trampoline arena over the weekend and it was the perfect match for Ella's endless energy.
She played with balls and climbed up the sides of the trampolines on the walls and bounced all over the place.
It's funny how much more attune you are to things that are covered in germs when you have a baby.
I couldn't scrub Ella down enough that night when we were bathing her, trying to get all the germs she may have picked up at the arena off.
She also danced with Uncle Seth and climbed rocks this weekend.

It's fun to see how smart her little brain is, like how before I put her to bed I say a prayer with her and at the end of the prayer she says "nigh nigh" because she knows that saying a prayer means it's time for bed.
And how when I pull a shirt over her head she immediately stops what she is doing to raise one arm and then the other so that I can put her arms through the sleeves.
And how when she hears a dog barking she barks back at it.
And how she tries so hard to repeat the words that I just said to her.
I can practically see the wheels turning in her head.

Also, I've been thinking about her nicknames and how I want to remember them so here's a few of the things we call her:

Wonky-tooth girl
Blue-eyed wonder
Little Wonder
Miss Elle (from her Grandpa Curtis)
Ella Bella
and the Spanish pronunciation of Ella (Ay-uh)

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