Just so that I can always remember what she was like at this age

Clip 1
Her dad and Uncle Seth teach her how to dance. 
Really this clip is just wonderful because of how crazy those two boys are acting for that little girl.

Clip 2
This is how mealtime goes 3 times a day, every single day.
I love cleaning oatmeal off walls.

Clip 3
Adam somehow managed to train Ella to holler and shout whenever she is in a place with cool acoustics (the garage, the bathroom, and the top of the stairs) so Ella always shouts when she gets to the top of the stairs and then babbles yo no one in particular.
She has been very determined, lately, to learn how to get down the stairs all by herself.
Face-first is her favorite method.

Clip 4
Nakey, the bathtub and dad always result in giggles.
Also, she no longer happily sits or lays in the tub, standing is the only way she wants to take a bath anymore.
And sometimes she slips when she pulls herself up and I almost die of fright every time. 

Clip 5
The dryer is always excellent entertainment.

Clip 6
Ella must have a make-believe friend because she has these very lengthy conversations with no one in particular all the time.
And that cheese grin-- I love it!


  1. I love her little dance moves! I have never seen a kid go down the stairs head first like that and I am dying over how cute her hysterical laughing was in the tub! Baby laughs are the best and man she was loving her funny daddy! haha. So cute! Thanks for making me baby hungry. lol.

    1. I know, I love baby laughs! Sorry for making you baby hungry! Maybe I should post videos of her tantrums to help fix that!