A sad story that is saved by Pinterest so it's happy in the end

You see this cute dress?
It's awesome because it is super simple and amazingly comfy and you can dress it up to be fancy or dress it down to be casual.
I wore it only one time before Ella somehow smeared something on it and without reading the label I tossed it in the wash.
I didn't dry it but somehow the wash managed to shrink it by 5 inches, which is probably why the label said not to put it in the washer.
The skirt suddenly hit me at mid-thigh instead of at my knees.
I was devastated.
I almost donated this dress to Goodwill because it was too short but I couldn't convince myself to do it because I loved it and so I just kept it in my closet so that I could occasionally stumble upon it and feel sad.
I am so glad that I held onto it because I stumbled upon this pin.
You guys, this pin tells you how to unshrink clothes and it TOTALLY WORKS!
The proof is the picture above.
That dress used to be 5 inches shorter than it now is!
Is that awesome or what?
I think it's still maybe one inch shorter than it's original length, but I'm pretty sure I can get it back to that original length next time I wash it using the unshrinking technique.
There is hope for shrunken clothes!
How much better can this world get?
Anyway, here's some proof that Pinterest is not just a waste of time.

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