I read somewhere that it's good to point at things and tell your baby what they are, pointing especially helps them connect the word with the object (at least that's what I thought the article was saying) so I started doing that and ever since then Ella has been pointing at everything. 
Instead of connecting words with objects she learned how to point and talk.
She points her little pointer finger and waves it around talking as quickly as her mouth will let her and with a very determined and serious look on her face.
Yesterday we were in line at the register at the grocery store and Ella started talking to the lady behind us in her little nonsensical babble, pointing left and right and the lady would look at everything Ella pointed at and nodded to everything Ella was telling her.

A couple of things we have been eating around here that we love:

(I didn't realize how easy caramel apples were to make and how amazingly delicious)
Oh, I am in love with creme brulee!
We recently had it four times in one week because it is amazing!
I used to think that creme brulee was a weak and silly dessert but that was before I ever tasted it. 
It may look weak but it tastes heavenly! 
The contrast of the subtly sweet and custardy cream with the crunch of the caramelized sugar on top, oh boy!

Both pictures via allrecipes.com

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