It has a poisonous stinger and pinchers and it was just running around the house

You guys, this happened.
That is a scorpion.
That is my foot (to show you how big the scorpion is).
That scorpion is in the house.

He was crawling around the house with that poisonous stinger and we didn't even know!
Until he was dead.
Luckily the bug sprayer people came this week and sprayed in the house.
He must have died from whatever they sprayed.
If they hadn't come this week he would still be crawling around the house. 
He was on the side of the house where Ella plays while I make dinner in the kitchen.
She just scoots around and plays with toys.
If she had seen that scorpion she would have thought it was a really awesome toy and she would have gone for it, for sure, because it moves and she likes things that move.
How did he even get INSIDE?! 

The joy Ella gets out of eating things she finds on the ground.
Also showing off her wonky teeth.
It's a good thing her dad is going to be a dentist.
Although, with a grin like that, those wonky teeth are kind of cute right now.


  1. AH. TERRIFYING. (The scorpion, not Ella) haha :)

  2. Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy swettttttttttttttt little girl

  3. Scorpions are a lot like spiders... they manage to get in thru little cracks here and there. A bunch of us girls/daughters/Sis In Law/myself went to St. George, Utah 2 years ago this coming summer. I wear glasses and as we were cleaning up the house we rented b/4 going home I glanced down (not having glasses on at the time) and thought hmmmm, someone has dropped a gold chain on the rug. I just happened to pick up my glasses first and put them on... yeah, just b/4 I touched it I realized what it was!!!!! Yuk!!! It got vacuumed up really quick! I think living in an area where they are prevalent I would make sure and either spray/or have our home sprayed every year. Better safe... as they say!