A Weekend

1:: Over the weekend we went to some garage sales and found Life, Clue, and Chutes and Ladders each for $2 and in wonderful condition. We love games, so we were pretty excited. Plus, we have now officially started collecting games that Ella can play in just a few years.

2:: Adam got me jewelry for my birthday and I love it so much! They are just beautiful to look at on the counter! 

3:: Ella exploring her little world

4:: Downward dog champ. Also, some of the best thighs I have ever seen. And those tiny little toes!

5:: Ella loves grocery shopping because she can watch all the people. She bounces up and down on her little bum as we walk down the aisles and we leave behind a little trail of crackers to mark every place we've been in the grocery store.

6:: The Girl and her dad

7:: Before Ella goes to bed her dad tosses her around to get out all her energy and she loves it. Plus, putting little objects inside tupperware that make a lot of noise is one of Ella's favorite toys right now.


  1. Baby yoga! She is a champ, I bet she has really great chi.. or whatever. :p

  2. "Yes" for garage sales! We are WAY into games too. Next one you have to get is BANG!.

    1. We have BANG! My husband LOVES that game with a crazy passion! We even have 2 expansion packs!