A quick post while Ella is napping

Over here, we're a little bit busy planning talks that we have to give at church on Sunday 
And also a Sunday School lesson that we are teaching on Sunday
And cuddling a baby who just won't stop smiling and giggling and stuffing blades of grass in her mouth
And we're busy being addicted to eggs benedict and lava cakes
And listening to Ella Fitzgerald
And drawing and painting like a crazy person
And running the usual errands
And thinking about when I will finally put down my paint brush to tackle the dirty laundry
And studying for the DAT
And playing basketball (those last two are definitely all Adam).
I think it's the perfect amount of busyness, it's not too much that it's impossible to do it all, but it's enough that you can't stop and rest for too long, you have to keep going to get it all done.

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