Why I love this picture: I was trying to get a picture of Ella sucking on my hair, so I pushed the button on my computer to take the picture and put my hair in front of Ella but instead of sucking on it she turned towards the computer and flashed this enormous grin-- I have no idea why she would smile at my computer, maybe she liked seeing herself on the screen, I don't know, but I love it! And I love how her hair is all floaty on top, standing straight up, like usual.

Which reminds me of what Adam's grandpa said about Ella last weekend. 
"She sure has wavy hair, doesn't she?" 
I wasn't sure what he was talking about since her hair is totally straight, but then he expounded, "Because it stands straight up and waves at you."
If that is the definition of wavy hair, then Ella definitely has it.
I thought it was pretty funny to think of Ella's hair as waving to everyone.

Continuing with Ella and hair, she was reaching her tiny little hands out for the corn cobs that were sitting next to her bumbo, so I handed her one as I continued to make lunch. When I looked back up I found that she had discovered a replacement for my hair, corn cob silk:

This is exactly how she sucks on my hair.

I can't even tell you the number of times I have seen Ella sucking on her thumb and on closer observation I found a strand of my hair entwined around her fingers that she had found on the ground. 
I have to keep her away from one corner of the bedroom floor entirely because my hair seems to always gather there and she is always bound to find it and start sucking on it.
Pretty gross. 

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