Adam's just out in the yard putting ant poison in the ant homes

It's Sunday night and I just finished eating the ice cream sandwich version of one of these (because it's almost been half a year since Christmas and I was feeling like it was time to bring back some Christmas flavors, like ginger spice cookies) and Adam is walking around the yard with a box of ant poison in his hand, looking for hidden ant homes so that he can kill them, and Ella is asleep for the night.

I can't believe we made it to Sunday night! Last week was crazy but somehow we got everything done that we needed to-- I love that feeling!
And now here's some pictures of Ella eating grass and wearing her dad's hat and us playing with some friends this weekend and stuff:

Ella got her first real injury tonight, she cut her thumb on a soda pop can and it was bleeding so hard.
I'm afraid that she'll wake up in the middle of the night and won't be able to sooth herself back to sleep because she can't suck on her thumb with the band-aid on it. 
Heaven forbid she not sleep for her usual 13 hours straight 
(Adam and I are so spoiled to have a baby that sleeps that long at night and then takes three naps during the day, I mean really, how did we luck out this much?).

Thanks to Jordyn, I've been watching the latest Miranda Sings videos and I keep thinking about the awesomeness of this music video of hers so I'm posting it.
Adam likes to claim that he doesn't think she's that funny but whenever I watch one of her vlogs and it starts out with that crazy warble of hers, Adam always dies with laughter, so he secretly thinks she's hilarious.

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  1. AHHHH I'm so glad you love Miranda too!!!! And I love that Adam loves the vlog intros haha. They are HYSTERICAL.