Swimmer Baby

Adam, Maddie and I went to Hunger Games this week.
I was majorly impressed-- it was awesome.
Definitely cried because I am all about crying in movies.
I was away from Ella for more than three hours while we were at the movie.
And it felt so strange.
Like I was missing a limb or something
I kept thinking, "I'm forgetting something."
It was too easy to get in and out of the car, I'm used to it being more of a hassle.
By the end of the movie I was missing her so much and couldn't wait to see her cute face again.
I rushed into the house to see her and she gave me a big grin and it made my heart so happy!
It's crazy to think that there used to be a time when she wasn't on my mind, when I didn't have to think about her every need.

We took her swimming for the first time.
I think she would have liked it more if it had been warmer outside.

And on a side note: I loved this on how to dress up a white t-shirt three different ways.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved the Hunger Games! I'm obsessed! Also I love Ella's trendy and fabulous swimsuit