Love, Ella

Hey you gu-uys!
Look at my two bottom teeth that I just grew!

They make me so happy!

And my Pa makes me so happy too!
He holds me while we go shopping.

I like to cuddle with him.

And sometimes he lifts me in the air like this.

And look at this mega cute romper that really flatters my thighs.

And this picture really shows off my cheeks.
My cheeks and my thighs are two of my very best features.

And sometimes I have to sit in my car seat and I just like to play with my toys that dangle down.
I don't cry so much in the car anymore.
I used to cry all the time when they put me in that stupid car seat of torture.

And my parents like to take pictures in the dressing rooms, I don't even know why.

And sometimes my parents take pictures of me naked.

And I'm all, 
"Will you two stop taking pictures already?"

But they won't stop.

Love, Ella


  1. Annie Jones. Did you have bangs like that when I went down to visit you? Did you do something different with your hair? I can't figure it out and it is driving me crazy. I love your hair by the way, even if you didn't change anything. And I love your blog. :D Ella is completely adorable and I LOVE all the pictures. Much love!

  2. Annie! I totally love these posts from Ella. They make me smile! Hope you're doing well and hope to see you all soon!

  3. I was laughing so hard when I read this. Oh, and I showed the whole office. We are obsessed with Ella. See ya later Rockstar baby, you have nothing on the baby of cuteness!

  4. So cute. I love your hair too. You look beautiful!

  5. I love Ella's two lil teeth and her super cute romper! She's adorable and I also really like your hair!

  6. Same as everyone else: Ella is THE BEST, and your hair looks AMAZING!!