Pictures of a little family

Oh cute picture, why are you out of focus?

So let's say you sit down next to someone, like maybe at church or something, and you ask the person her name and she tells you but she doesn't ask for yours in response but you just figure that she forgot to ask but then later when the roll is coming around she sees that your hands are full with your baby girl and so she marks off your name for you, but the thing is, she didn't ask you your name, she already knew it.
 Even your last name! 
So obviously you have talked to this girl before and introduced yourself before this day but you can't remember when or where. 
And when you talk to her some more she seems to already know information about your life like where your husband works and stuff like that but you still can't remember anything about her? 
And then you can't help but think, "How does this nice girl remember so much about me and I can't even remember meeting her? I am a loser."
This happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.
I don't even know how I have any friends.
I have to be introduced to someone at least 3 times to be able to remember the person's face and then an additional 4 times after that to remember the name that goes with that face.
Please tell me I'm not the only person that has this much of a problem with remembering faces and names.
I'm sorry if I've ever done this to you.
I'm a little bit slow.
The End.

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