When Ella is tired and nakey

What makes Ella laugh: Being tired and naked at the the same time 
I know, seriously, how funny is that combination?
But it's true!
 When it's time for her to go to bed and we pull off her diaper to put her into the bath, the smiles and laughter inevitably come out.

Featured in this video:

How she does this crazy hyperventilating thing when she is happy
This urge she gets to stuff her hands as far as she can into her mouth when she is happy
How much she loves to splash water
A display of her vocal chord range (imagine this in the middle of church-- awesome)
How being both tired and nakey and having a Adam for a dad results in fits of laughter


  1. Haha I love her laugh. She is so cute. And Adam is very entertaining to watch with Ella (thanks, now I'm gonna have "Splash Go Crazy" stuck in my head)

  2. That laughter at the end kills me. So adorable.