Milkshakes are good for you

You know how Adam and Ella and I are in love with ice cream?
Well, we've been experimenting with milkshakes lately.
We made some red velvet cupcakes and blended them with vanilla ice cream and it was pretty delicious.
But what was even yummier was grasshopper cookies in vanilla ice cream!
We also plan on making some yellow cupcakes and mixing them with ice cream.
The key is having a good ratio of cupcake to ice cream, you don't want to skimp on the cupcakes. 
Also, I think it makes a difference to use whipping cream instead of milk when blending the ice cream because it makes it all creamier than milk will, which is code for "yummier" when it comes to ice cream.
Anyway, I had to share in case you were looking for some inspiration for tonight's dessert.

This facial expression communicates Ella's thoughts on ice cream:

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