Strawberries + Sun Hats= Spring

Spring time is here!

Time for sun hats and sandals 

And yellow cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

A really long side note:
 (Have you ever had a freshly picked strawberry in Oregon? Or a wild Oregon blackberry?
They are nothing like what you buy at the store-- they are amazing!
I went on a date with Adam before we were married to a frozen yogurt place that had blackberries for toppings. He told me that he didn't like blackberries and I was in shock. I had never had a store-bought blackberry but they couldn't be that different. 
Oh my goodness, I was so wrong! I tried one of the blackberries there and I wanted to spit it out-- so gross!
When Adam came to Oregon the week of our wedding I took him to one of the many blackberry bushes that just grows wild on the side of the road and had him try a real blackberry and he immediately changed his mind about them.
So the point is, if you just so happen to be in western Oregon this summer, be sure to taste whatever berry is in season, a freshly-picked one, not a store-bought one.)

And time for water and rosy, sun-kissed cheeks
(okay, so her cheeks aren't sun burnt, she just is related to someone whose cheeks get flushed at the drop of a pin).


  1. These pictures are painfully cute. I love Ella so much!!!!!

  2. CUTE! Annie I just found your blog! Ella is sooooo adorable! Ahh I love seeing pictures. I really like your art on here too. I miss you. We're still in provo for a while. I hope you are doing well!