My little girl's daddy

Like most girls, Ella has a special place in her heart for her daddy.
But what I didn't expect was how early on she would show this love for her dad.

Ella has a special smile that she saves just for her dad.
When he comes home from work, as soon as he comes into her sight, she positively beams from ear to ear, so happy to see him.
And then she keeps that goofy grin on her face and just watches her dad as he takes off his coat and goes over to his laptop, never taking her eyes off him.
The closer he comes to her, the bigger her smile gets.
You can just feel the love Ella has for her dad emanating from her.
And when he starts playing with her, throwing her in the air and doing flips, she laughs and giggles and loves every minute of it.

And then the two of them sit and watch basketball and she sits calmly in his lap far longer than she will calmly sit in anyone else's lap, just loving that she can be snuggled next to her dad.
They must have been very good friends before they came to earth.
She adores him.
And I don't blame her.

What makes it even better is that she looks so much like her dad.
When he's holding her and you can see their faces side-by-side, there is no question that she belongs to him.
She may have my down-turned eyes and rosy cheeks but from what we can tell right now, almost everything else is from him.
Adam has even told me that as he and Ella hang out while I make dinner, he can tell that she is so happy to be with him. She may not even be smiling at the time but you can feel her happiness.
It sounds kind of strange, but it's definitely true.
He is her daddy and she thinks the world of him.

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