Tillamook (not a post for the lactose-intolerant)

Okay, let’s talk about one of the wonderful things on this whole entire planet because I’m afraid that there are too many sad people in this world that are completely unaware of this lovely gift from heaven. It’s called Tillamook. I grew up a couple of hours away from Tillamook, Oregon and its factory of deliciousness and so I was completely unaware of how incredible it was because it was what I was used to every day. I just thought that everyone regularly bought Tillamook products.

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And then I moved to Utah. I went grocery shopping to stock up my little fridge in my freshman dorm and I got a block of cheese. I bought a certain brand of cheese that will remain anonymous, let’s just say that it was not Tillamook.  I was shocked when I tried cooking with it for the first time because it was completely different from what I was used to and when I ate slices of it plain, it tasted terrible! And then I began to realize what I had always taken for granted growing up.

Tillamook ice cream is without a doubt the most wonderful store-bought ice cream you can find! It is creamy and thick and just heavenly! Baby girl Jones is in love with Tillamook ice cream, at least that’s what I tell Adam when I come home from the grocery store with three cartons of the stuff. He has no complaints, in fact he won’t let me buy any other brand anymore. Favorite flavors: 

I know the last two flavors are kind of regular ones but they are  so perfectly creamy, they are to die for!

When I was little, I thought that Yoplait yogurt was obviously the best kind of yogurt because it came in the coolest shape, but now, I have learned better. You’ll never guess what kind of yogurt I think is better than Yoplait. Favorite flavors:
Northwest Berry Patch                                Pomegranate Blackberry                                    Key Lime

Two that I MUST try in the near future:
Baked Apple Pie                                         Strawberry Lemonade

(I can't decide if the baked apple pie flavor would be good or not)

Now you may be thinking, “Well, the problem is that when I go to the grocery store, the Tillamook brand of cheese and ice cream is so much more expensive than every other brand.” Well, luckily there is another little heaven-sent thing called WinCo. Okay, I could rave about how glorious WinCo is for at least two days straight, but we’ll just focus on the Tillamook aspect of WinCo. At this glorious grocery store, you will find Tillamook brand products for the same price as store brand products at other stores, and when they have sales, it costs even less than store-brand products—it’s awesome!

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Anyway, I just need to make sure that more of the world is aware of this blessing, it would hardly be fair for me to hog the secret to myself. 

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  1. oh my gosh! We totally agree with you! We only buy Tillamook cheese. Aaron LOVES the marionberry pie ice cream. Mmmmmm