Six months

At six months I am still fitting into most of my normal clothes, including my jeans, is that normal? The Baby of Cuteness is a little bit big for her age, so you would think it would be making me bigger, but I guess my torso is long enough she can just snuggle in there without having to stick out too far.

I have had this secret desire to find out if she has any music preferences before she is even born. It could be useful to know in case there is a time in the future when she is crying and nothing will settle her down except for her favorite kind of music, which maybe sounds cheesy but I've heard of things like that happening. So I've been putting on all different kinds of music-- jazz, R&B, alternative, Jon Schmidt, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, classical music-- to see if she has a preference, but she hasn't reacted to any of them, much to my disappointment. And then yesterday I went to one of the EFY variety shows for work and one of the acts performed to a Justin Bieber song and the Baby of Cuteness went crazy! She was kicking and bouncing up against my ribs and dancing throughout the whole song. Really, Ella? Really? Apparently I've been listening to the wrong kind of music this whole time. 


  1. That's ridiculous that you still fit in your pants! I'm not gonna lie. I am jealous! You look super cute! And I'd be lying if I didn't love that she has bier fever!

  2. Hahaha that's hilarious! so funny