Teeny Tiny Baby Shoes

On Saturday, I had a list of things that I NEEDED to do, it included things like:

1. Unpack from the 4th of July St. George trip (yes, two weeks after the 4th of July)

2. Clean the very messy living room, bedroom and kitchen (considering that the only other room in my home besides those three is the bathroom, you can imagine the awesome state of my very neglected home). 

When I get home from work I have just enough motivation to get dinner made and on the table and then after that, all good intentions of cleaning seem to be thrown out the window. So I was going to accomplish all those things on Saturday but did it happen? No it did not. But when you see what I did instead, you will understand why it took priority.

The beautiful girl in this picture (aka: the lovely Marnaloah)

helped me make these cutie-patootie baby girl shoes:

Do you see why cleaning my home seemed suddenly to not be important? Look at how adorable these shoes are! Of course I would spend the day making them instead of cleaning! I kind of die with happiness every time I see how tiny and adorable they are. 

I got the pattern from here.

I might be slightly obsessed with baby shoes. Our baby now has FOUR pairs of shoes, for someone who won't even be walking for about a year, that's a lot of shoes. I just got a pair of these cute-o baby loafers from here.

Oh my heavens, the cuteness of these tiny shoes-- I just can't get over it! And when they are actually on the feet of a tiny person, especially my tiny person, I really might die with how adorable it all is.  

Adam's sister, Lindsay, got our baby a pair of these super adorable flowery Mary Jane shoes, with some darling striped stockings to match-- so perfectly feminine and dainty! Image from here

And we also have a pair of little Nike shoes for her that look sort of like this (but not this tiny, this was just the biggest image I could find on google).  Our neighbors decided that no child of Adam's could be without Nike shoes and so they gave them to us long before we were even pregnant!

Unless I decide to start making clothes for our baby girl instead of shoes, don't be surprised if you see her crawling around in only cute shoes and a diaper. But with the cuteness of these shoes, it will hardly matter what else she is wearing!


  1. I LOVE THEM!! You are a craft genius! Ella is so lucky!

  2. How cute!!! I don't believe I realized how much I love baby shoes until I read your blog. Thank you for helping enlighten me ;)

  3. I love all those shoes! Those yellow ones are to die for!