Diaper Bag of Cuteness

You know you are a soon-to-be mom when...

... you ask for diaper bag for your birthday. And it arrived yesterday afternoon on our doorstep! It's not technically made to be a diaper bag, it's a messenger bag, but it is ridiculously adorable and it will work perfectly as a diaper bag. After much searching I found this bag and loved it, but it was out of our price range to justify buying it just because we needed a diaper bag, so I decided to ask Adam for this bag for my birthday and that sweet boy got it for me! (He also made me eggs benedict for breakfast and gourmet french dip sandwiches for dinner-- those are not easy things to make and they were so yummy!)

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I've already stuffed the few baby things we own into this bag, anticipating the day that she finally arrives- it's kind of ridiculous.


I thought that we would be contemplating the name of our baby for a long time, maybe even up until the time that she's born. At first we were leaning towards Brighton because we both like that name and it's original, but whenever we would refer to our little girl as "Brighton," it didn't seem right, which is weird, since we've never even seen her, so how could it not seem right? So we started playing around with the name Ella and for some reason it's perfect! We still like the name Brighton and want to name a future daughter that name, but this little girl is supposed to be Ella. I know that sounds funny, but it's totally true! So we've pretty much officially decided that her name is Ella. We always refer to her as Ella now and I think she approves! Now to find a middle name... what do you think of Ella Mae?

One of the highlights of my life

One thing that I cannot get over is how much I love feeling her move! I LOVE feeling her squirm around and kick. The other day I was sitting at my computer at work and I suddenly burst out laughing, completely out of the blue because she had kicked me at just the right place in my ribs and it tickled like crazy! It's not quite as fun when she kicks my bladder. The other night I woke up coughing for some reason, the kind of coughs that shake your whole body, you know? And I must have scared the daylights out of her because she went positively insane, kicking and punching and squirming as hard as she could. Adam could feel her as well. At the time, it kind of scared me that she was hurt, but she seems fine now so I think she was just scared, or she just had the sudden urge to dance.  And I love when I sometimes will rest something on my tummy and she kicks back at it. Since she can hear now, I love turning up the music in the car and singing with it--okay, so I kind of loved doing this before I was pregnant, but it's even better now because I know she can hear it!

And how awesome is Pinterest with all the adorable pictures of baby nurseries and cute things that you can make for your baby? 

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  1. SUPER cute diaper bag, and super cute name choice! :) Love it. And that last photo...so great. Love the turquoise walls and the bold rug.