Hair blogs and crafty blogs and baby blogs

Okay, once again, let's talk about the awesomeness of blogs. Here are a few that I've been introduced to lately that I pretty much love. 

My co-workers introduced me to this blog called Hairdresser on Fire. It has lots of tutorials for super cute hairstyles. All of us girls come to work with various versions of the hairstyles on their blog. Adam loves when I do this braid in my hair, so it's the one I do most often from their blog:

(If you have shoulder-length hair, like mine, you may not think your hair is long enough to do this, but it is possible! All you do is start the braid where they start theirs and when you are about to get the end of your braid, you pick up new strands of hair around where the braid is ending and braid them into your original braid to connect them and just continue braiding with those new strands of hair. That may have made zero sense, so let me know if you need better details).

Since we're on the topic of hair, let's side track really quick. This is a video I found through Pinterest about how to make these absolutely gorgeous curls with a sock. You just sleep with this sock in your hair and wake up to find beautiful curls! Doesn't it sound too good to be true? My hair is to short for it work, but I tried it out anyway, and it put lots of volume in my hair and made it curl in at the ends, which was cool! I really want someone with long hair to try this out to see how well it works. Plus, this girl has an adorable accent, which makes it fun to watch.

Also through Pinterest, I found a cute blog called E Tells Tales. She is super crafty and she has a newborn baby, so it's a craft AND baby blog-- my favorite! She has a tutorial on how to make these adorable pillows:

She tells her birth story, and is not shy about sharing the nitty gritty details, which scared me half to death reading them!

And one post I liked, she talks about what she brought in her hospital bag and what she actually used and what she didn't. I just like that she shares everything, so I figure if I follow her blog closely enough, I will be semi-prepared for this baby that is coming.

Little Miss Momma is written by a lady who is gorgeous and stylish and makes crafty things and foods. I think the title makes it sound more like a baby blog than it really is, it's more of a craft and fashion blog, with occasional baby posts.
Cute room she decorated:

And then this blog was introduced to me by my co-worker Michelle. It's called The Rockstar Diaries. The girl who writes this blog has a little baby girl who is possibly the cutest thing you've ever seen (see picture below). 

 Could you die with how cute this face is?! 
Since we are having a little girl I unashamedly steal all sorts of pictures from this blog and stash them in a folder of ideas for how to dress our baby and what sorts of pictures we should take of our baby. I just hope our baby is half that this cute!

And then they have this adorable dog who kind of reminds me of Nigel with his grumpy face. Except that Nigel is purple and he's a fish, so I guess that makes them pretty different. 

Once again, the ultimate conclusion of this blog post is that blogs are so so awesome! How did people ever survive without them? 

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