Several years later

A few years ago, when I first started doing illustrations for Laura, I did this drawing for one of her patterns. I hadn't started the art program at BYU yet. 

Now, about three years later, I've finished the art program and I've been doing a lot more illustrations for Laura in the meantime. Laura decided to make a change to the pattern for this particular dress and asked me to redo the illustration to fit the new pattern. The arms of the girl in the original drawing had always bothered me and so I was excited to redo the illustration to fix those arms. When I finished this drawing and put it next to the original to see if there was anything I liked better about the original, I was so excited to see the difference between the two drawings. It looks like going through the art program has actually made a difference. It's a relief to know that stressing about multiple paintings and drawings every week for months on end has paid off!