Finding a Name

Now that we know the gender, the question I get most now is "Do you have any names in mind?" And we do, but we're having a hard time deciding. There are two names that we especially love, but which one is the right one for this little girl? This is a tough decision. This is the name we are going to call her for the rest of her life! So I'm going to put up a few ideas that we have for names and you can vote on which one you think would be best for little girl Jones.

I made this California Chicken for dinner last night and it was so easy and so so yummy! It has melted monterey jack cheese, tomatoes and avocados on top.

I marinated the chicken in a garlic lime marinate like how they recommend in the reviews, it was delicious! 


  1. Gosh Annie, you are amazing. You are always looking up cool new foods to make! Maybe someday I will be as cool as you.

    On the subject of names, if I may be so bold as to state my strong opinion (and I hope you want opinions), of the three names you have listed in your poll, there is a CLEAR, without-a-doubt winner. Ella is BY FAR the BEST NAME on that list. In no order of importance:
    It is cute.
    It is easy to pronounce and spell.
    It is recognizable, yet still unique. (I don't know any Ellas, do you?)
    It is classic, yet still feels modern.
    It is feminine. (I am personally not a fan of ambiguous, androgynous names)
    It sounds REALLY GOOD with the name Jones.

    Of course, all of these things are subjective, and just one girl's opinion, but I think you now know where I stand.
    ELLA JONES IS SUCH AN ADORABLE NAME! I hope you pick that one :) :) :)

  2. I'm sure suggestions are helpful. Just make sure that in the end you choose the name YOU like best! Thats all that matters.

  3. I have a niece named Ella Jones, and I think she is one of the cutest things ever, so I'm a little biased there. But I actually kind of like the name Brighton as well, except I would be afraid of people around here thinking she was named after the ski resort instead of the English city. Either way, she'll still be just as sweet!