Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We are having a little girl! I didn't realize how convinced I was that it was a boy until I was told it was a girl and I was shocked! But I'm totally stoked! 

I loved seeing that little person on the screen and not only could I see her, but the lady doing the ultrasound kind of has to push firmly on my stomach with the ultrasound device and my little girl was quite stubbornly pushing back! I felt little jabs coming from the inside of my tummy and on the screen I could see her little hands making those same jabbing movments, so I knew that what was on the screen was inside of me! It was ridiculously awesome!

The little hand pushing back at that ultrasound device:

Our little girl is very lady-like and modest. She had her legs quite firmly crossed for most of the exam. She was moving them around quite a bit but she some how managed to keep them crossed while kicking and moving. We could even count her toes with this ultrasound-- and they are all there! 

Look at that cute, happy Dad! A girl is what he originally was hoping we would have. This little girl will have her dad wrapped around her little finger from the moment she is born.

She is weighing about one pound, which means that she might be farther along than we thought, she may be an October baby. That would be fun to throw Halloween-themed birthday parties! Or maybe she'll hate that... we'll have to see.

My family so happened to be in Utah for a family reunion this week and so they got to come into the ultrasound room as well and see their very first little grandchild.


  1. Yay Annie! I'm so excited for you! A little girl would be so much fun :)

  2. Congrats! She is going to be one cutie pie!

  3. Oh hooray! This is so super exciting! I can't believe it! She's one lucky girl! Congrats guys!