Winter time and future children

So, we woke up to snow on the ground again yesterday morning. Awesome. It's cold here. We rode the scoot to church today because it was at the Marriot center and we were afraid it would be hard to find a good place to park with a car. After church we hurried home so that we could get into our warm house faster. Adam said, "we should sit by the fireplace." So we did! We put in the DVD ("Cozy by the Fire") that my parents made for us for christmas (on our new enormous t.v. that our ridiculously nice neighbors gave us) and Adam warmed up his hands. And we ate yummy spiced pumpkin bread that I made yesterday. I think we somehow skipped over summer and are back at fall time again. I'm ready to turn the Christmas music on. 

In church I drew pictures of our future children (I know, I'm a little bit kid/baby crazy right now, I'm sorry!). Adam is a little obsessed with the picture. He kept looking over my shoulder at the drawing with this huge-o grin on his face. He especially likes the drawing of little Ella (second from the right), she already has Adam wrapped around her little pinky. I had names written under each of them but the names are currently under controversy. And please note that each of the boys has a bow tie, that's important.

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