Baby things

Now that it's spring/summer time (though the weather seems to have not been notified of this fact) and I only have work to worry about, I have this list of crafty projects to embark on. Most of them revolve around having a baby. 

I found these baby slings that I kind of love. Unfortunately they are $129. But it doesn't seem like they would be that hard to make, although you would have to be sure to make them right so that they don't end up injuring your back. So, I'm on the hunt for a good pattern to make one of these.

And if I find out I'm having a girl I so much want to make her one of these:

And if I have a boy, I very much want to make him a bow tie. I think bow ties are ridiculously adorable on kids.

Speaking of bow ties, a couple days ago, Stephanie Nielson posted some pictures of her kids, who are possibly the most adorably dressed kids I've ever seen. And they are wearing bow ties! Absolutely adorable. So yes, my future son definitely needs a bow tie.

And it would be fun to make some things to go on the future baby's wall:

And a breast-feeding cover wouldn't be too hard to make:

And sometimes it's just fun to look at baby things now that I know a baby is coming along. Like diaper bags. I've never cared much about diaper bags before, but now they are fun to look at:

And I can never get over the cuteness of baby shoes. They are so small! I know a girl who makes the most adorable baby loafers you've ever seen. These are on the list of things to get our baby, once we know the gender. She sells other cute things besides just shoes here.


  1. Baby crafts!! YES!!! When will you find out the gender? Please tell me RIGHT AWAY!!!!!

  2. I made my nursing cover, so I could totally help you out with that one! PS when will you guys find out? Please tell me it will be before the 4th of July so we'll know before you come down to st. george!

  3. We find out around June 16th, and I will definitely let you both know as soon as we find out! Lindsay, you're going to be in Utah for July 4th?! I'm so excited!!

  4. You are going to have the cutest stuff for your baby!