A post for Thursday

Looking at so many cute blogs has made me realize how terribly designed my blog is, so I attempted to fix it. But blogger is sometimes tricky to work and find just what you want (or more likely, it's just my own incompetence at using the blog designing features, but I'd much rather blame it on the blog). Oh well, at least the fuzzy picture at the top is gone. One thing that many cute blogs seem to have is a custom-made blog title at the top. I'll start working on making one...maybe (after I've made the baby sling, doll, bow ties, nursing cover and pictures for the baby's wall, of course). 

I made grilled balsamic bruschetta chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight (from Picky Palate). They were pretty much amazing. I think Adam fell even more in love with me when he took his first bite.

Why are blogs so fun to look at? I love reading about the lives of people I don't even know, how weird is that? And looking at the pictures on blogs is like eye-candy. And why is it so interesting to see photos of what people wore that day? I really don't know. 
From Coco & Kelley.

I love the arrow on the right, pointing down to the baby. I certainly wouldn't have noticed the baby without that arrow.

Is it bad that I kind of like messes like this? I call them organized messes because everything is supposed to be that disorganized, that's how it looks best, so it's intentional, but it's still a mess. Kind of like the Bennett's home in the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice, they have lots of organized messes in their home. I'm not sure quite Adam likes these organized messes very much.

Just a cute skirt:


  1. Love the new look. So much easier to read!

  2. I feel the same way. I need to figure out how to design a better look for our blog too. When will I get to it....who knows...I've got a list of things I want to do and need to do until then....

  3. That sandwich was so good! MMmmmm!