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Most of you probably don't care at all about what I had for dinner recently, but just in case you are like me and always on the hunt for good dinner recipes, I thought I'd share a few yummy things we had this week and where I found the recipes.

I got this recipe from Joylicious. To be perfectly honest, I adjusted this recipe quite a bit, but I used this as a guide to get to there, and it was definitely the yummiest shrimp fried rice I've ever had!

This came from Picky Palate. I followed this recipe pretty closely and it was very yummy! 

hot fudge sauce
(picture from smittenkitchen.com)

Lately my pregnant tummy has been able to handle desserts with fruit in it, so Adam got me the most wonderful Oregon Strawberry Tillamook ice cream (from WinCo) and I made some hot fudge sauce to go on top. Adam's mom gave me this recipe, she uses it for their annual fondue party each New Years, but I like to just use it as hot fudge sauce on ice cream. You know Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce that you can buy at the store? The one that comes in a jar and is super thick and delicious? This sauce is like that.

And these I haven't made yet (they are on the menu for later this week), but don't they look like they could be yummy? They are also from Picky Palate.

These are also on the menu for this week. The recipe is from Formerchef.com.

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