So, I entered into a show

K, so remember how just a few months ago I put my artwork up on my blog for the first time, and it was totally a nerve-wracking thing for me to do? Showing people my art and being judged by it is so scary! And so my blog is pretty much the only place I put up my art. So if you asked me if I wanted to enter my art into a juried art show, I would say, "Ptsh! No way." When I was little I used to enter my art into competitions all the time and I would get toys and gift cards as prizes, but it is one thing to enter a competition as a little kid and another to enter a competition at an art school as an art major who, therefore, is expected to be good. I've been in several art shows for my various art classes, but those are different because the teachers kind of don't have a choice about whether or not to put up a piece of yours, because you're in the class. However, I made it a goal of mine to voluntarily enter a juried show. I entered this piece (above) into a figure drawing show at BYU. I didn't tell anyone except my mom, not even Adam, because then no one would ask me whether or not I got in and only I would know if I didn't make it. Today I was walking through the HFAC to work and I looked up at the 4th floor and I saw a familiar drawing up on the wall. It was my piece! I had had no idea I got in the show until I saw it up on the wall! I got into the show! In all honesty, it's not that big of a deal to get in this show, but for me to have the courage to enter and to get chosen to be displayed, holy cow, I was stoked.


  1. Hey! That's great! I'm proud of you!!! And I really like the drawing too.
    The figure is interesting because you can tell she's leaning on something, yet nothing is there.

  2. Kudos for being brave! I know it takes courage to show people your babies, I feel that way sometimes about my writing. The drawing is lovely.