What I do during the Super Bowl

Unfortunately, I do not avidly watch the game. I do this instead:

How funny that I am an art major but I love drawing stick figures. I just love her little spindly legs and arms! For this picture (above) we got a fortune cookie in class and we had to do an art piece that depicts what the fortune cookie says. My fortune said: You are heading to a land of sunshine and relaxation. This is not the final art piece, this is just the comp that I have to turn in this week before I start the actual piece.

My future.

Adam told me that the picture at the top of our blog needs to change. Apparently it isn't the most attractive picture and I look like I have a second chin. This is true. But we don't really take very many pictures of just the two of us anymore. In fact, I went looking through pictures we've taken recently and majority of them I took to use as photo reference for art pieces. See:

These all became paintings for class:

This is for my next class project:

So, I guess I'll have to work on taking some real pictures of Adam and me to replace the one that we have on our blog now.

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