Las Vegas and why I would do dishes at 4:30am

To celebrate Adam's birthday and Valentines Day we saved up and took a trip to Vegas.
$3/ huge-o slice of pizza at this hole-in-the-wall pizza place that had no drinks (not even water) and no napkins. How awesome is that? On the strip, that is a great deal!

Watching an opera/juggling show at the Venetian

Adam holds the stampeding horse's hoof

New York

We stayed at that hotel in the far back, Planet Hollywood

I'm supposed to be posing like the MGM lion in the background, obviously

We walked several miles everyday and so sometimes we would have to sit down and just rest, well, I did, and Adam would pretend he needed to rest too

Jelly belly statue of liberty

I love this picture and I love this boy!

We always have to stop and watch the magic shows along the side of the street

Even Darth Vader enjoys strolling down the strip

Oh my heavens, the yummiest sandwich place!

I made Adam pose for almost all of the pictures by himself because on Thursday night I pulled out my contacts to go to bed and all of a sudden my left eye was going insanely crazy with pain. It was positively gushing tears. I tried to fall asleep, despite the painful waterfall spewing from my eye, I fell asleep out of exhaustion for about 45 minutes, but was soon woken up by the pain getting even worse in my eye and the continuous flood of tears. So I got up and found that keeping my eye open felt a lot better than keeping it closed. So from 1:30am--4:30am I was doing dishes and when I finished with that I wrote a letter to my brother on a mission. I attempted to do homework, but I couldn't see well enough to draw, so I watched random episodes of random shows on Hulu (with sunglasses on because the light from my computer was hurting my eyes, even on it's lowest light setting) until the BYU Health Center was open and Adam could take me to Urgent Care. By then my eye was all red and swollen. It was not a pretty sight. They scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor who informed me that I had an ulcer in my cataract! How joyful does that sound? And apparently it can lead to major eye damage if not taken care of immediately. So I had the privledge of spending $90 on a itty bitty bottle of eye drops to squeeze into my eye every two hours for a couple of days. I was banned from wearing contacts or make-up for several days, so basically this all sums up to equal the fact that I kind of looked like a disaster this weekend in Vegas, with my red puffy eye and I'm squinting in almost every picture because the light is hurting my eye and I can't really see, so that's why I made Adam pose for everything. 

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