Madonna and Child with Saints Fixing a Bicycle

I went on a field trip with my art class. A real field trip-- just like back in elementary school! We drove down to Kanosh, Utah, which is this super small town where the only time of year you need to worry about locking your car doors is in August and September because if you don’t your car will be filled up with zucchini and tomatoes when you get back. We went to the studio of this artist named Brian Kershisnik. Here is a link to his web page. What I like about his stuff is how whimsical it is and how he just paints random things that come to his head. But even though they are so random I feel like I can relate to them, like I’ve felt the emotions that the people in his pieces are expressing! And I love the titles of his works, like “Surprise Baguette” and “Madonna and Child with Saints Fixing a Bicycle.” How awesome is that title?! And “Unknown Allegory with a Man Dancing in it.” Here are some of his works that I like:


Madonna and Child with Saints Fixing a Bicycle

Washing the Doll Under the Heavens

This Splendid Inconvenience


Seeing how Kershisnik just draws whatever comes to his mind I decided to draw stuff just as whimsical as his, so I drew this picture one afternoon, just to see what it felt like to draw whatever comes to mind. It is called “There are hats in the trees.” It makes me laugh every time I see it because it is so out of the blue. Although it is kind of a combination of two art pieces I am especially in love with right now (both of which are pictured two posts below, if you are looking for a way to waste your time, you can see if you can figure out which two they are).

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  1. Holy Cow these pictures are amazing! I hope to see more of your own work on this blog because this stuff is dang good! I love the hats in the awesome!