There is this thing called the Grumpy Dance

I have an update on my obsession, Nigel. He has begun to do this crazy thing we call “The Grumpy Dance.” This is how it goes: He swims over to the side of the bowl, as close as he can possibly get to you (sometimes he actually goes so fast he hits his nose against the side) and he starts doing this crazy dance with his body, flipping his fins around in this very abrupt and annoyed way. He flips back and forth, quite obviously agitated and he knashes his jaws menacingly-- yes, he knashes them! His mouth opens and closes quickly and with an obvious signs of upsetness. If he could speak he would be saying in a very angrily, “No. No. No. NO. No.” And he just continues this way for as long as we keep looking at him. If we look away for a bit he stops, but once he has our attention again, he is right back at it. All angry and grumpy and upset about who knows what. I am not quite sure what there is for fish to get upset about. Anyway, we find it very funny, and since people enjoy talking about their obsessions, I obviously had to share the latest about mine. I even drew a picture (since I couldn't actually take a good photograph of the actual dance because he doesn't do it upon request) and I would like you to admire my astounding fish-drawing skills, I am sure you are amazed.

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  1. I am amazed at those skills! You should see my sheep on that same page! wow...enough said.