A Play Kitchen

I have secretly wanted to get Ella a play kitchen since she was born.
So when she started making a direct line to any play kitchen she ever saw in a room we pounced on that and decided that that would be this year's Christmas gift for both the kids.
After tons of research and comparing we decided on this espresso Kidkraft kitchen (all of their kitchens are adorable) because it is one of their taller models so it should last us longer and it's gender neutral (I want Fenton to love this kitchen too and learn to love to cook).
I found it on sale (for almost half off their current price) and snapped it up and it is just as beautiful as I hoped it would be! 
I left the labor up to Adam, because even he said that it was better if I just sat to the side and didn't mess anything up. 
He spent several hours over two days putting it all together while Ella was asleep.
Seriously, a labor of love.
We set it all up for Ella to see it the next morning:
She got the hugest grin on her face when she spotted it and then dove right in:
I love that it is cute enough to have standing in the main part of our house and not look like an eyesore.
Ella cooks in her kitchen while I cook in mine.
Her favorite part of the kitchen is definitely the microwave. 
She'll put her food in it, shut the door, push the buttons, wait and pull the food out again.
She makes me pasta and oatmeal all the time.
And we frequently make food for her dolls too.
She has a little cup and spoon that she likes to bring with us whenever we get out of the house and run errands so that she can cook up anything at the spur of the moment.
I asked Ella if I could take a picture of her face and this is what she gave me:
And sometimes she uses the dishwasher of her kitchen to stash random toys for safekeeping.
So basically the kitchen was a huge hit.
And she looks crazy grown up with her hair all up like that, I can't even handle it!


  1. Ohhh that little bun!! And the kitchen!! All adorable!

  2. Loving your blog Annie! Keep it up!